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friend: this top is gorgeous
me: i'd buy it if it was in black
friend: what about this scarf?
me: if it was black
friend: this dress is AMAZING
me: pity it isn't black
friend: look at t-
me: i love that shade of black
friend: how a-
me: everything should be black
friend: bu-
me: black
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Zoom It’s a major turn on.

It’s a major turn on.

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Me: Why is this book over
Me: Why couldn't it be longer
Me: What am I supposed to read now
*glances at pile of unread books*
Me: Don't look at me like that
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Zoom Pretty much.

Pretty much.

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Zoom True story. ♥

True story. 

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Breathe in, breathe out. Oxygen is carcinogenic and likely puts a limit on our lifespan. It would be unwise though, to try to extend life by not breathing at all. Which of us doesn’t do it? Either we loll in anaerobic stupor, too afraid to fill our lungs with risky beauty, or we roll out fire like dragons, destroying the world we love. I try not to burn up my world with rage. It is so hard.

— Jeanette Winterson, Weight: The Myth of Atlas and Heracles

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Zoom gpoygpoygpoygpoygpoy ♥



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Zoom GPOY.


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